Installing DMCourseware

Prior to installing DMCourseware you must make sure the server where you will install it meets the following requirements:

Installing DMCourseware is a fairly simple procedure. Just follow these steps:

  1. Download the most recent file release from SourceForge.
  2. Uncompress the .ZIP file in the folder where you wish to install.
  3. Execute dmc-db.sql in the database created for the information. An administrator user will be created automatically with login admin and password dmcpassword. It is recommended that you change this password logging in admin/ once DMCourseware is installed.
  4. Change folder permissions to tmp/ (this is usually optional in Windows) to permit read/write/execute for all users. This will be done in *nix this way: chmod 777 tmp/
  5. Rename config/config-[plataform].php to config/config.php and make the necessary modifications, where [plataform] is the platform you are installing in. An explanation of each variable follows:

Post-installation procedures